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Vendors in Chicago, Illinois

  • Iced Orchid
    29 E. Madison St. - Ste. 700
    Chicago Illinois 60602
    Telephone: 800-639-9470

  • Kate Miller Photography (
    Chicago Illinois 60189
    Telephone: 9014933938

    Hey there! We’re Kate and Joel, we live in West Chicago, IL, we’re married, and we have a blast when we shoot pictures together. We get to travel to so many places and meet tons of cool people, hear their stories, and then take their picture. Not a bad gig, right?

    We love vintage-inspired, artistic photography that tells the story of the people in it. We’re huge fans of fun, color, and photographing non-traditionally. We don’t think you have to stand still in front of a lens facing sideways with an awkward smile… we prefer running, jumping, cuddling, kissing, laughing, hand-holding, and just being your amazing selves. We think it’s vital that when picking a wedding photographer that you connect with them and who they are, and totally trust that they’re going to tell your wedding story in an awesome way.

  • Eleven35 Productions
    Chicago Illinois 49684
    Telephone: (231) 342-9916

    7425 Wistful Vista Dr #708
    Chicago Illinois 50266

  • In the Mix Entertainment DJ Service
    2514 Shortwood Dr
    Chicago Illinois 60432
    Telephone: 708-602-9980

  • Dreamspinners Inc.
    5555 Sheridan Road
    Chicago Illinois 60640
    Telephone: 312-848-8838

  • Magnificentbrides
    314 S. Greenwood
    on location hair and makeup services
    Chicago Illinois 60068
    Telephone: 847.331.6007

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