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posted on 2008-05-29 by Myong
Totally Rad Actions by Boutwell Studios is a must have for all wedding photographers! If you want to increase the speed of your workflow and to create a dramatic photoshop effect Totally Rad Actions is the way to go.

Totally Rad Actions are 'actions' that you can only use in Photoshop CS2 or higher. You import your photo and click 'play' in your action box and within seconds your photo will have the color effect enhancements that Doug and Chenin Boutwell uses on a daily basis. I feel that the Boutwell's are one of the top wedding photographers that is in the wedding industry and has one of the coolest photos around. You can check they're Wedding Photography website at

You will receive 46 actions for your photoshop. My favorite action is the 'pro retouch' which allows me to smooth out people's skin to hide their blemishes, pimples, wrinkles and any other marks. My clients are always thrilled to see how much younger they look when they see the photos. The user can also combine multiple actions to get their unique style. Combining actions is highly recommended and some combination effect can be seen at Totally Rad Actions website.

The actions are super easy to use. After pressing the action button to create the effect, you just brush in the mask to finalize the effect. Some actions don't even need anymore work than simply clicking the 'play button'. They provide video tutorials for those who have no idea how to use Photoshop. In the competitive world of photography business, it is amazing to see photographers sharing their best work to the world. Totally Rad Actions is my personal secret weapon. Here is an example why all wedding photographers should get it.

This is the before photo.

This is the after Totally Rad Actions photo.

You can clearly see the dramatic effect comparison from using the actions. They also have a forum for photographers to share their own photos with effects and ideas. I highly recommend them although my selfish side would want to keep them for myself. You can check them out by clicking the banner below.

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